She is one of the nation’s premier doctors, a specialist in the field of oncology and hematology who is completing 15 years of service in her practice at the Conway Hematology/Oncology Clinic

During that period, Dr. Sue Tsuda and her husband Dr. Pietro DeTogni who also attends to business matters, have operated the clinic that provides top drawer care for cancer patients in Conway and various precincts in Arkansas and elsewhere.

Patients and family member over the years have delivered kudos for the hard, work, knowledge and dedication of Dr. Tsuda and a highly competent, staff in this independent family operated clinic.

The exemplary work performed in the clinic has been hailed by nationally-known medical facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic, the H.D. Anderson Hospital and several others.

She also has managed to win approval from her peers, being awarded the epithet as one of the "Best Doctors in America."

She is that, certainly, but there is so much more to the petite physician who is well-read, especially of Civil War tomes and other historical publications. She is an ideal informant, witty and sometimes skeptical. But always likeable.

The first thing she is apt to offer on a first meeting is the question: "Read any good books lately," so enamored in the world of literature is she.

This amiable doctor also has the skill of a conversationalist. She may be small in statue but is tall in any game demanding a gift of gab. And it is safe to say that Dr. Tsuda is steeped in the secular world of humanities and the arts And still she is especially well-versed in the realm of scientific inquiry and literacy.

On a wall in her clinic can be found a plaque that hails her election as one of the "Best Doctors" in America.

"Best Doctors" was founded in 1989 by the Harvard Medical School that sought to provide greater access to both medical information and medical care to patients with serious ailments. It is a benefits program that attempts to link consumers to the medical knowledge and information they need to make the best health care choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Its been said by the CBS television program "60 Minutes" that the "Best Doctors program is changing the face of America’s medicine.

The organization surveys leading specialists and queries them about doctors they themselves would seek out for treatment in their specialty. Each year more than 1 million evaluations of doctors produce the listing of top medical people.

During her tenure in her clinic located on College Avenue, Dr. Tsuda has treated scores of cancer patients, employing the most modern technology in the field. She has organized support groups, particularly among churches in the city, and produced the "Tumor Rumor," a newsletter designed to carry stories of hope and inspiration. plus evidence on the latest in technology.

The title of the newsletter, incidentally, derives from an old medical school joke when students were discussing test questions. They made light of the statement: "Tumor is the rumor and cancer is the answer." Because rumors were and are a large problem where the diagnosis of cancer is involved, attempts to dispel them are frequent even in medical school.

A medical career that ensued following varied educational pursuits brought her board certification in medical oncology/hematology and internal medicine and a professorship at the UAMS. Her educational trail is striking, starting with a magna cum laude in chemistry at the University of California at Los Angeles She received her medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, where she completed her internal medicine internship and residency. She completed a hematology fellowship at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago.

Following, she concluded a blood bank fellowshjp at Barnes Hospital and a research fellowship at Washington University, both in St. Louis.

The Conway physician is the mother of two college-age children. Both are accomplished musicians, Daniel, a pianist and Elisa, who plays the saxophone.