When Tim Bull, owner of the Toad Fly, began shooting a commercial with friends of the popular hunting show "Struttin Bucks" in the spring, little did he know he would soon have a show of his own — "Chasing Waters."

"We put it out as a trailer, then the next thing you know, we were filming for Pursuit (Channel)," he said.

Bull, along with Toad Fly fishing guides Jordan Case of Conway and Chris Morris of Little Rock, are working on a fly fishing TV series developed and filmed mostly in central Arkansas that will focus on the versatility of the sport while showcasing the state’s beauty and affordability.

"There are plenty of shows that go to exotic locations, but we want to show trips you can do within a day’s drive," Bull said.

Bull’s goal is to show people that fly-fishing is just another way to fish. It is a common misconception that fly-fishing is solely meant for trout, he said.

Morris, a certified casting instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers, said Arkansas is one of the most inexpensive places to find a variety of fish.

Case said even experienced fisherman will get something out of the show because of the unique way in which it is filmed and paired with music.

"The [film] moving with the beat and the fish — it has a certain cool factor I guess you could say," he said.

Bull said viewers should tune in with an open mind because it’s not your typical fishing show.

The show will highlight Arkansas scenery with aerial shots taken from a helicopter and have artful time lapsed scenes of tying a fly as an introductory to the craft.

"Fly fishing blends into art and we want to capture that relaxed feel," Bull said. "We’re trying to push that over. Don’t judge it just on a fishing show. We’re trying to give it a reality aspect too."

People who have never fly-fished before will be inspired, and want to give it a try, Case said. Case has always fished, but he was introduced to fly-fishing when he was 17.

"I got a fly rod in my hand and it was a never ending learning curve, " Case said. "I always want to get better at it."

The crew has filmed four in a series of 13-episodes. Thursday, they will be filming on the Spring River. The first episode will show the crew fly-fishing in Rockport, Texas. Bull has also filmed for the series in Montana, but the majority of the series will be filmed in Arkansas.

"Arkansas is unbelievable with all the different opportunities to fish," Bull said. "Everywhere you turn there’s somewhere to cast a line."

"Chasing Waters" will air Monday at 9 p.m. on Pursuit, an outdoor enthusiasts channel, and then repeat several more times throughout the week. On Dish it is channel 393 and on Direct it is channel 604.

Conway Corporation does not carry Pursuit, but is working out plans to rebroadcast the show on their local station to make sure "local boys" get the coverage they deserve, said Lori Case Melton, mother of fishing guide Jordan Case.

Family and friends of the three guides have organized watch parties at The Draft and Buffalo Wild Wings for the first episode. The public is invited and will have a chance to meet the cast.

Bull and Morris are expected to be at BWW, and Case will appear at The Draft.

The three men are also featured in a film catching hybrid bass on Greers Ferry Lake. "Chasing Waters: In the Rings" is one of several short films selected to compete in the IF4 2014 International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

"I never thought a year ago I’d be on this fly fishing film tour that I used to watch on the Internet back before I started working [at the Toad Fly]," Case said.

Bull is hoping to bring the film series to the Silver Moon Cinema this fall.

To view a trailer of the film and upcoming episodes of Chasing Waters visit: http://www.thetoadfly.com/chasing-waters-2/

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