Good morning everyone! Hope your Christmas was spent with loving family members. I know watching those little ones wake up in the morning of Christmas Day will be a lasting memory forever.

Last week Landon spent lots of Nana time with me. We made a Gingerbread House along with Natalie’s help. We also made Christmas cookies Landon helped wrap Christmas presents too. It was quiet when he went home and lonely. Love me some Landon. Before he left he got the Living room in order so Santa could come and he told me now the kitchen is yours so get with it.

Please keep the following in prayer as they will be facing their first Christmas without their loved one, Mary Vance, Stevenson Family, King Family, Bob Miller Family, Damon Poole Family, Venice Joyner Family, Frankie Dee Battles Family, Tarkington Family and I know I have missed someone so please pray for all those to have a blessed Holiday. Losing someone you love is hard and even harder on the holidays.

Keep Jerry Bruce Rowlett in your prayers as he has had another Surgery and is recuperating at Tabitha’s home. Jerry please listen to your doctors and loved ones and get better.

Always remember your loved ones that can’t get out as much too, Betty Griffith, Wilma Stevenson and anyone else that is sick or has lost a loved one. Do drop in and make a visit, they get lonely too.

Happy birthday to mom’s friend Marlene Andrey who celebrated her 80th birthday at Petit Jean Mountain Lodge last Sunday with family and friends. It was great to see her and her family. It had been way too long. Loved seeing the video of her younger days. Those attending from our family was Doris and Chase Watkins, Carolyn Hayes, mom, me and Landon Dowdy. Marlene we wish you many more birthdays to come. Love you, hope to see you soon.

Have a safe New Year Celebration! Please remember if your going to make the choice to drink, please do not make the stupid mistake of driving. Stay at home or have a designated driver. I wish for this Holiday for no one to lose a life or be injured during this season and to enter the new year with the same wish! Be safe out there, cause the law will be watching for you. Make wise choices. The life you save may be your own or one of your family members. Remember to kiss your mom or loved one every time you walk out that door. You never know it could be the last one they receive. We are never guaranteed! Happy New Year to all!

Please as the new year begins send me news to share with the community. I know every one has visitors for the holidays. Send it to me to share. You would be surprised who opens the paper on Saturday mornings to read the column waiting to hear news from your family. Send to or call 679-3299.

Start planning on your Plunge Costume for the 2014 Area 17 Special Olympics Plunge Feb. 2 at Woolly Hollow State Park.


The youth at church put on a precious program last Sunday for Christmas. Kids from three to fifteen participated and it was entertaining for all. Lana Gartner was the narrator for the Christmas story and both she and Rick Gartner made sure all the kids knew their part. There was a large crowd for our Christmas service and it was made even more special with the announcement that our youth were ready to purchase animals for Heifer International. Erin Shaw worked with the Sunday school class and let them select what they wanted to donate to help others. The children selected the gift of clean water, a water buffalo, a goat, a sheep, a trio of rabbits, two hope baskets, and two sets of honeybees.

The church will have a baby shower for Stephanie Strain on Sunday, Jan. 5, following our potluck and church service. Jay and Stephanie Strain will have their second child, Jasper, sometime between now and Jan. 23. Stephanie is registered at both Target and Walmart.

Darrel and I enjoyed watching Dylan and Kaylee open their presents Christmas morning and enjoyed all the time with our little family and our extended families. I also was able to sneak in a little time with my girlfriend, Carrie Spear. I hope that everyone shared similar experiences and feel as blessed as I do. I also hope that 2014 is a good year for everyone. Please email if you have something to add to the Centerville news.


We celebrated "Jesus’ Birthday" a little early this year, because when you have a large family, you have to plan your days with the in-laws, which is fine with us. All we ask is all the family be together at one time, no matter what day it is. Our house is full with those precious little ones. Their ages range from 4 months to 14 years.

Our 14-year-old, Haley Sellers is quite a bread maker. She bakes rolls or loaf bread for all our big meals, and it takes a lot of bread for our family; and she makes all kinds. We are proud of her, and most of all our great-grandchildren have been taught to work, even the little ones.

I crocheted 30 toboggans for everyone to have one at Christmas and they said they loved them. At least they put them on and wore them while they were here.

Ray always makes homemade ice cream when the kids all come home. He said it looked like he was going to have to get a bigger freezer.

We trust all of you had a blessed Christmas and remembered whose birthday was honored.

I hope to have more news to write next week.

I trust my neighbors will tell me where they went and who came to see them.

Our family gathered at John and Sherry’s home last Saturday morning, for our annual omelet breakfast. Food and fellowship was wonderful. We also enjoyed singing Christmas carols.

We enjoyed the gift exchange at both our and their houses.

Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Shady Grove

Christmas has come and gone. I hope that you and your families have had a wonderful Christmas season together. Bill and I were blessed to have all of our kids and grandkids here at one time or the other. We had our first Christmas gathering on Saturday evening for Chelsey and her fiance, Chris Groh, as they were to be in Florida for his family gathering on Christmas day. Also Michael and Adri and family for they were to be in Rogers at her folks on Christmas. Christmas morning we had our traditional Christmas breakfast with Mike, Susan, Scott and Tyler and Whitney. As the kids get older it is so hard to get them all together at one time, so we have had to adjust. I am not picky, as long as I get to be with them all.

We spent Christmas Eve evening with Ed and Linda Hammontree for their family Christmas and had a good time there.

Christmas evening Bill and I went to Marlene and Dean Patton’s for a time of fun, food and fellowship. Also joining in on the fun were Bill and Willma Robinson and Dean’s sister, Oneita.

Last Friday evening I was thrilled to see David Phelps in concert at Antioch Baptist Church in Conway. Oh my! What a talent that man has! My date for the evening was my grandson, Scott Cavin. There was a large group from Bethlehem Baptist Church attending.

Happy birthday to Tom Burgess. Tom celebrated with a party at Ross’ House in Conway on Dec. 12. Family and friends attending were Frank and Betty Burgess, Paula Burgess, Jeff Burgess of Conway, Jeremy, Stacey, Carson and Brooklyn Burgess of Bryant. David, Belinda and Wayne Burgess of Shady Grove, Tom, Denise and Austin Porter of Greenbrier, Carl and Gale Garrison of Horseshoe Mountain.