The awning over Kris Allen Stage at Simon Park has seen better days. 

The fabric has been in disrepair for about a month, and Chief of Staff Jack Bell said a wind storm ripped one section out on the west side.

As the awning has gotten loose around the roof of the stage, it has become easier to tear as the wind blows, Bell said. 

"We've replaced it a few times. They do have a lifespan," he said. 

Bell said the city can expect an insurance appraiser to take a look at the awning next week. Like most city property, the Kris Allen Stage is insured through the Municipal League’s vehicle and property program, a private line of insurance available to Arkansas towns and cities.

Linda Montgomery, assistant director of the vehicle and property program, said that if the loss resulted from a weather event "it will be covered," with the city paying a $5,000 deductible.

The awning that is damaged was purchased four to five years ago, Bell said, at a price around $16,000.

Bell said since the columns have been repainted on the stage the city will likely go with another color to match updates on the stage and city hall. 

The stage and awning superstructure was build in the 1980s, and was renamed in 2009 in recognition of Conway resident Kris Allen’s success in the "American Idol" TV music game show. Allen finished first in the nationwide singing contest.

Staff writers Courtney Spradlin and Joe Lamb contributed to this report.