The empty lots at 2015 and 2019 Cross St. have been approved for two new single-family homes in the Old Conway Design Overlay District.

The Historic District Commission approved Conway developer Hal Crafton’s application requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness review for two new single-family residences at 2015 and 2019 Cross St.

The Historic District Commission also approved an application submitted by Lorraine Duso Kitts requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness review for a new carport addition to her residence at 1837 Robinson Ave.

Many neighbors came to Monday night’s public hearing, said Steve Hurd, AIA and chairman of the Conway Historic District Commission, because they wanted to know what was going to happen with the vacant lots on Cross Street.

"It was very positive," he said. "The neighbors were for it."

One neighbor in attendance raised concern about pine trees that share a property line with the proposed developments.

"The neighbor felt the pine trees had become nuisance trees during an ice storm," said Bryan Patrick, director of planning and development for the City of Conway.

There’s nothing in the ordinance that says property owners are not able to remove trees from their property, Hurd said, so the developer agreed to remove the overgrown trees and plant new trees after construction.

Several amendments were made to the site plans for the homes including a minimum depth for the porch steps and additional windows.

"Although the homes have the same floor plan," Hurd said, "the homes will have different architectural pieces on the front to look unique using different shingles and brick."

Another way the developer plans to differentiate the facade, Patrick said, is by building one of the homes with a gabled roof, and the other with a receding roofline.

"There will be a good difference, so that when you’re driving down the street, you won’t be able to tell the homes are a mirror image with the same floor plan and same front," Patrick said.

Crafton also owns a third lot that goes from Caldwell Street to Cross Street.

Hurd said that third lot would be left as a single lot for now, possibly for a larger home that will face Caldwell Street.

The Historic District Commission also discussed applying for additional funding for the survey to expand the Robinson Historic District.

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