The blinking yellow turn arrow is being phased into Conway’s stoplights.

State and federal highway rules mandate that the city replace the current turn lane signals — a green arrow followed by solid green light — with a green arrow followed by a flashing yellow arrow, which means the same thing as a solid green light in the turn lane: turn if it’s safe to do so and there aren’t any pedestrians crossing to the left or cars approaching in the opposing lane. A red light or arrow in the turn lane still means stop and wait.

There are already a few stoplights in town with the new turn signal, which has to be installed whenever the equipment is replaced or as the city deems fitting, like at Skyline Drive and I-40 in response to a fatal crash allegedly resulting from a driver misinterpreting the solid green turn lane signal as "go" rather than "yield."

"I don’t expect there to be confusion," city traffic engineer Finley Vinson said. "The state and federal highway administration has studied it intensively and found that the flashing yellow arrow is pretty intuitive."

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