A committee is close to finishing landscaping guidelines for Conway’s roundabouts.

Most of the roundabouts in town just have some grass in their centers. David Grimes, a city councilman who serves on the roundabout landscape committee, said that we should start to see roundabout beautification this summer, with a more-or-less consistent landscaping theme.

Another member of the committee, city traffic engineer Finley Vinson, said one thing to consider is that whatever is built in the center of a roundabout can’t be large and tall enough to block motorists’ view across to the other side.

Also, Vinson said, the street department plans to do the city’s first before-and-after traffic study when the next signalized (stoplight) intersection is replaced with a roundabout.

Most of the roundabout projects to date have been at intersections that have also been widened, he said, so a before-and-after study wouldn’t be apples to apples.

City Engineer Ronnie Hall added that it could be instructive to have hard numbers, but a traffic study hasn’t been needed so far since the increase in traffic flow with the city’s first roundabout at Tyler and Winfield streets and the next few that followed were "pretty much self-evident to everyone."

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