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Congratulations are in order to Sam Burchfield of Greenbrier High School, who signed to play football for Lyon College’s first football team in decades. Lyon College in Batesville is an independent, residential, co-ed, undergraduate liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. Founded in 1872, it is the oldest independent college in Arkansas. Greenbrier coaches Russell Wortham, Alan Buchanan, Randy Tribble and Philip Golden are to be praised for the continued fine work they do with our Greenbrier athletes.

Although Feb. 14 was supposed to be a day off from school for Greenbrier youngsters, they made up a snow day instead. Presidents’ Day was Monday Feb. 17 and the kids did have the day off.  In order to make up three more snow days (so far) this year, days will be tacked on the end of the school year — originally scheduled to end May 28. Now school will go into June a few days. I just know the seniors are already counting the days to graduation on May 16.

The food pantry at Greenbrier First United Methodist Church was filled to over-flowing with the generous donations that came in for their "Souper" Bowl Sunday contest. The idea to fill either a box for the Broncos or a box for Seahawks went over very big with the Broncos box getting more. Even surrounding churches donated canned goods, food supplies and stamps from the Super Saver store. Too bad the Broncos didn’t win on the field but everyone benefitted from the contest to fill the shelves at GFUMC. They have needed every bit of help this year because there was about a twenty percent increase of food items given to families over last year. Thanks to all for helping our community food pantry.

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