Attempts to get water flowing from the fountain in Rogers Plaza Friday morning failed.

Corco Construction Superintendent Matt Scroggin said a part for the pump will need to be ordered and installed before the fountain is up and running.

Once operational, the classic cascade-style bowl will pump 300 gallons a minute, said Frank Riggins, landscape architect for Crafton Tull.

The fountain has five spotlights shining on the bowl with LED track lighting running along the bottom, outside rim of the pool.

"We’re really excited about it, and getting it operational," Riggins said.

Riggins said there weren’t electrical issues preventing the fountain from flowing earlier in the year; the architects and engineers were purposely waiting until the weather was warm enough to "kick it off."

A total of $65,325 in advertising and promotion tax was spent to purchase the fountain: $15,000 for the bowl from a concrete casting company in San Diego, Calif., $35,325 for the fountain pool from Roman Fountains of Albuquerque, N.M. and $15,000 for the pump system, lighting and related equipment, said Jack Bell, chief of staff for the City of Conway.

Bell said once the fountain is fully installed, the parks and recreation department would care for and maintain the fountain with the help of the physical plant.

Essentially it’s the same system as a pool with skimmers, Scroggin said.

"A fountain like this," he said, "you don’t want it to mildew or grow algae. Once we get it going, it will get several chlorine tabs a week."

Kim Williams, executive director of the Conway Downtown Partnership, stood by, ready to cast the first of many pennies.

"Even with the Conway Community Christmas Tree on top, people were throwing coins in," she said. "You should see the money we’ve pulled out of there already."

Riggins said pennies and coins would not cause negative effects to the fountain.

Williams decided to save her penny until the part for the pump is installed and the fountain flows for the first time.

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