The first of many cases to be tried in Faulkner County as a result of the March 29, 2013 Exxonmobil oil spill in Mayflower was in court for a report hearing Monday.

Counselors representing plaintiffs Mayflower RV and defendants ExxonMobil Pipeline Company were told at the hearing all oil spill cases henceforth would be tried through the 20th Judicial District’s Fifth Division Circuit Court, Judge Amy Brazil presiding.

Counselors appeared before Second Division Judge Mike Maggio Monday, who said for the sake of the organization of the cases, the matters should go before one court, and be coordinated on one calendar.

Plaintiffs Mayflower RV allege in the suit filed Nov. 19 their business suffered a significant loss of revenue as business was interrupted for a three month period after the spill due to a police checkpoint on Interstate Road, about one and a half miles from the business on the access road.

According to the suit, the business is accessed ahead of the checkpoint, and the other route is a gravel road.

As a result of the checkpoint established after the oil spill, the suit states, sales and revenue declined by about 75 percent through March 30 to May 30 of 2013 over the previous year’s numbers for the cited time period.

Specifically, plaintiffs allege a loss of $268,189.

The suit claims negligence in ExxonMobil Pipeline Company’s operation of Pegasus pipeline, and that the company caused Mayflower RV nuisance that denied the plaintiff’s property rights, privileges, and states the plaintiff has suffered damages in the form of economic and business loss and out of pocket expenses.

The suit seeks punitive damages, a jury trial and compensation.

Mayflower RV operators are listed as Kent Walker and Jillian Jones Janik of Little Rock.

Mayflower RV is located at 87 Interstate Drive in Mayflower.

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