Tonight, those who attend the Lake Conway Watershed stakeholders meeting will work to form an advocacy group that will create a proactive, preventative plan to increase water quality, and ensure the watershed qualifies for federal funding.

Judy Watts, public outreach coordinator for Metroplan, said tonight’s meeting would really begin to move forward with the formation of a Lake Conway Watershed advocacy group.

In the first part of the meeting, stakeholders will talk about goals, objectives and priorities for the watershed, she said. Then the meeting will move toward creating the foundation to form an advocacy group, creating a mission statement, governance structure, bi-laws and committee structure.

"This will be a real working meeting," Watts said.

Watts said the meeting is open to all, and no preparation is necessary. Attendees will be given a review of previous meetings and decisions at the beginning of tonight’s meeting.

"We’re really looking for ideas and suggestions," Watts said. "It’s just a matter of sharing those with the group."

Watts said meeting attendance is important because the future of the watershed area will be determined by those who choose to get involved.

So far, Watts said, the meetings have been well attended.

"We’ve seen so many people who are interested and have a lot of passion for this topic," she said. "This is the start for a really great advocacy group."

Previous meetings have been held at the Faulkner County Natural Resource Center. Tonight’s Lake Conway Watershed stakeholders meeting will be at the US Army Reserve Training Center at 1350 Thomas G. Wilson Dr. from 6 - 8 p.m.

RSVP to Judy Watts, Metroplan at or at 372-3300.

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