• Motor vehicle theft at 1000 block of Ellis Avenue (Village at Hendrix).

A person reported that at some point between 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and 6 a.m. Thursday a thief or thieves stole a dark green 1993 Honda Accord sedan with what is described as a red "SAVE" bumper sticker and a CBC parking decal on the back.

• Theft of property at 2800 block of Nutter Chapel Road.

A man was standing at his kitchen sink at about 4:30 Wednesday afternoon when he noticed someone driving a truck through his yard towing what appeared to be his six-and-a-half horsepower Honda 20-ton log splitter, which is built to be towed like a trailer. The man didn’t get a good look at the thief, but the truck is described as a late ‘90s GMC or Chevy extended cab pickup. The log splitter has been fitted with larger-than-standard wheels, according to its owner, which might help identify it.

• Theft of property/third-degree battery.

A man agreed to give a person a ride to Little Rock on Wednesday, and the person agreed to pay the driver $100 for the trip. How it actually worked out, according to the driver, was that the driver drove the person to what might have been his home at a large apartment complex "to get the money" but the person never came back. The driver then noticed that an envelope that he thought was in car with about $400 in it wasn’t in his car.

On Thursday, the driver noticed the person walking down Dave Ward Drive and stopped for a talk about the missing envelope, during which and was punched in the face, according to the report. The driver, who according to the report didn’t have any observable injuries, was advised of the warrant process and how to proceed with seeking the person’s arrest.

On Thursday officers found and talked to the person about the alleged theft and assault/battery. At some point an officer picked up the person’s jacket and some change — $0.87 — fell out of a pocket. The officer picked up the $0.87 and forgot that he’d put it in his pocket until later. The report says that this officer tried to call the person to give him the $0.87 back, but couldn’t get in touch.

The $0.87 is being kept at the police station until the person claims it.

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