We have lots of prayer requests this week. Keep Pam and Sam Lane in your prayers as Pam will be having surgery on the 27th. Pam is one of my best friends from high school we graduated together. We don’t see each other often but she is always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you Pam. Chris and Billy Williams as he struggles with health problems. Charlene and Mickey Fortner, as he struggles with health problems. Monta Jean and Mickey Fortner as they struggle with his cancer. Darby Grimes and his family as they struggle with his cancer. Robbie Ward as she is struggling with health problems. Betty Griffith and our family as we all struggle with mom’s illness. We want each of these families to know that we are praying and that we are here if they need anything. We have one of the best communities in the state! Small town with a big heart!

Don’t forgot those that are home bound and can’t get out too!

Arkansas weather we never know whether to wear sweaters or put shorts on. I am ready for Spring time how about you?

Asking for prayers for my Sandy again. She will be having surgery out patient on her leg at the Vein Center in Little Rock on March 5. She has always had problems with her legs since the car wreck in 1986 and I think maybe we will finally get some relief. The main vein in both legs are not open like they should be. This will help with the wounds she gets that are so hard to heal. Then hopefully we will get on track so she can have that pacemaker that she needs. Sandy is a very tough young lady who will be 40 this year and has over come so many obstacles that 40 years ago they said she would never be able to take a cup of coffee from the stove to the table, and said some terrible things to me. Man did we ever prove that doctor wrong! We have come along way in the medical field and in our life. Thank you dear Lord for giving me the opportunity to handle each situation as it arrives, I couldn’t do it without his help, my family and my friends!

Thank you Jerry, Dana and Landon Dowdy for coming up last Saturday and cutting most of the tree limbs up that fell during the ice storms in mom’s yard. We still have some that he couldn’t reach needs one of those long saws so hopefully Chase will come this weekend and finish the job and haul the wood off so he can use the fire wood. I still have pine tree limbs down and a few need cutting too. Need to burn those but I won’t. Scared of letting it get out and also a burn ban on. Anyone out there want to come and haul it off would be appreciated very much!

On behalf of my  family, I would like to  thank the Greenbrier Methodist Mission for coming and building my mother a ramp with rails. It is perfect for her to get in and out of the house with and to get in the front door. We don’t have to worry now of her pulling on the door facings and falling backwards as she tries to get in the front door. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Guys did a great job! Thank you Debbie from Care Link for getting it done. The town of Greenbrier and Guy you couldn’t beat better communities that is for sure!

Happy birthday Gary Fielder hope you have a great day today! Gary and I graduated together! Where has all the years gone? We are that older generation now! Nay, I am still young at heart! But wish my body knew that!

Happy belated birthday to Hogan Hicks! Who celebrated last Saturday, he is the son of Jamie and Julie Hicks. Landon attended his birthday and I understand he got lots of Spiderman stuff.

Have a great and wonderful week! Remember it is to get colder and stay warm, Bring those pets inside and bundle up. Don’t drink and drive and slow down at bus stops! Send news to or message me on Facebook  or call 679-3299. I definitely need the communities input.


The Faulkner County Singing Club will be in our community Sunday, March 9, at Pleasant Hill Church of the Nazarene. This church is some 10 miles east of Greenbrier on Highway 225. The Club will meet at 1:30 p.m. and the public is always invited to attend.

Mark your calendar for the Centerville Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Pancake Breakfast next Saturday, March 8, at the fire station. The breakfast consists of all you can eat pancakes, sausage, bacon, and juice. There is no cost for breakfast, but donations are accepted.

Jennifer Freeman, Erin Shaw, Mary Ann Halsey, Genene Smith, Lana Gartner, and Carrie Spear went to the Mount Eagle Retreat Center last Friday night and had a great time. I would love to tell you that we did many exciting things, but we really just enjoyed each other’s company. We played Mexican Train Dominos until after midnight and laughed so hard that our sides hurt. We got up on Saturday and went for a walk around the grounds to see the facility while Lana shared some of Mount Eagle’s history and its influence on her life. I was amazed how our conversations never ended and covered so many topics that normal people might have been confused. The weather was beautiful and the view from our cabin was spectacular with bluffs and hills and the White River. I was surprised at how taking less than 24 hours away from my busy life refreshed my soul and I can’t wait until we make it back to another retreat week end.