Police say that a man who allegedly stole a car from Conway shoved his passenger out during a police chase.

On Thursday a "be on the lookout" (BOLO) alert went across local police radio traffic for a stolen vehicle.

According to a Conway Police Department incident report, a CPD officer found out that there was reason to think that the car might be at a towing company near North Little Rock, and so the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office was asked to help.

A Pulaski County deputy found the car at the towing shop and questioned the driver and passenger. The driver identified himself by name and said that he had permission to take the car, but while this conversation was happening, the Pulaski County deputy got a cell phone call from the CPD officer who said that the name the driver gave was bogus and that the driver had several active warrants.

"At this point the driver … jumped in the vehicle and spun sideways in the gravel [parking] lot," the deputy wrote in his report. "I yelled at the driver to stop but he refused."

The deputy gave chase, but had to stop when he came across "a white male lying on the side of the road."

"I made contact with the male, [who] turned out to be the passenger in the vehicle … [who] stated that … he was telling [the driver] to let him out … [when the driver] reached over and opened the passenger side door and pushed him out as the car was still moving."

The man told the deputy that he was hurting, but didn’t need to go to the hospital. He also told the deputy that he did want to pursue charges against the driver, who he said "should not have done that."

The car was found abandoned a short distance up the road. The driver is still at large.