During Monday night’s meeting, the City of Conway Planning Commission approved a request to create a "pipe stem" driveway that could eventually turn into a residential street off Irby Drive.

Brian Vines who owns a 2.5-acre property at 3480 Irby Drive was requesting a 50 foot driveway on the west side of his property, so he could access the back of his property where he plans to build an additional single-family home.

Bryan Patrick, director of planning and development, said this piece of property was unique because of its narrow shape, and potential for future development.

"So many times properties are laid out where you can’t get a road in and add further density," he said.

In his staff review, Patrick said the "pipe stem" driveway could eventually become a 50-foot wide right of way for a new residential street that could then access additional single-family lots.

The Vines’ property sits just west of The Links at Cadron Valley golf course.

If the additional houses were to be built, Patrick said, the rear of those houses would be facing what is essentially the No. 4 green.

Patrick said if the driveway becomes a residential street, it would most likely start out as a dead end street.

"But we like to see connectivity," Patrick said.

If a subdivisions continue to develop from the west, Patrick said, it could connect there, or to the residential area north of The Links at Cadron Valley.

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