JSI Metal Recycling is a relatively new business in Faulkner County that pays YOU just for bringing them your scrap. 

Located at 1605 East Oak St., JSI Metal Recycling is a family-owned business that prides itself on over-the-top customer service for everyone. JSI services commercial customers and private individuals with equal zeal, and their services are designed to match the needs of each group.

JSI pays top prices for the following types of scrap materials: prepared (short) iron, unprepared (long) iron/steel, cast iron, motors, appliances, tin/sheet metal, copper, brass, radiators, stainless steel, aluminum, lead, borings, zinc, wire, heater cores, magnesium, batteries and beverage cans. Roll-off and pick-up services are two of the most requested services.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art computer system, customers will see a quick turnaround when selling their scrap materials. JSI has the only drive-through non-ferrous department, and their employees will unload for you. The only time a customer has to get out of their vehicle is to get paid!

For industrial customers, JSI offers fast and friendly pick up. The company maintains a fleet of specially-equipped trucks to meet your business needs. Some of the services may require an in-person visit to inspect your material and access your individual needs and provide an accurate price quote. This service is free to customers — call them today for an estimate or to request a visit.

JSI is certified by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s office to buy and sell scrap metal. Their computer system gives JSI the ability to quickly and efficiently help law enforcement with any suspected metal theft.

JSI is a second-generation local business that has adapted to Faulkner County’s changing needs over the past 45 years, from auto salvage to scrap metal. JSI Metal Recycling is a 75 percent female-owned business — Susan Linn-McCoy, Christy Priester and Linda Linn, with Danny Linn the partner. No matter the change in name, you will still find the same Linn family service and dependability!

When industrial and consumer materials are at the end of their useful life, JSI has the capability to find a recycling option. Once the scrap metal arrives at the yard, it is carefully screened for contaminants. Depending on the material and the form, further processing may occur, allowing the material to be effectively utilized by steel mills, copper or aluminum smelters or other uses of recycled materials. Most metals can be recycled, which helps reduce our dependence on virgin natural resources. And since recycling is less energy intensive than using new materials, they help reduce our country’s oil consumption.

While almost every other business in Faulkner County wants you to spend money with them, JSI Metal Recycling wants to PAY cash for your scrap metal. By recycling and reusing, it’s a win-win situation for you, JSI and our environment.

For information about JSI Metal Recycling, please visit their website at http://justscrapitmetal.com or call 501-327-3856. Find JSI on Facebook.