The Faulkner County Tea Party will host a debate on Common Core, Thursday July 24 at 7 p.m. at the McGee Center in Conway

Pro-Common Core: Gary Newton is the first president and CEO of Arkansas Learns-a nonprofit, nonpartisan private sector alliance of employers, parents and citizens dedicated to excellence in education. Gary is the former executive VP of Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce. He is married and resides in Little Rock with his wife and children.

Con-Common Core: Karen Lamoreaux is the author of "No Choice, No Voice: Something’s Rotten to the Core". She travels with other individuals around the state and nationally educating other parents about the realities of Common Core. She is working toward its repeal by the Arkansas Legislature. She advocates for the preservation of parental rights as well as states rights in education. She is married and mother of three and a small business owner. She lives in Maumelle with her family.

The Log Cabin will be on site and will provide a live feed of the debate.