The 2014 Faulkner County Singing Convention will be held at LifeSong Baptist Church on July 25 and 26. Singing will begin at 6 p.m. on July 25, resume at 10 a.m. on July 26, break for potluck lunch, and take up again at 1 p.m. The Church address is 56 S. Broadview, Greenbrier, AR 72058.

As many of you know, this Convention has met for over 136 years in diverse communities. It met at Pleasant Hill Nazarene Church last year. It met at Centerville Methodist not long ago, and it has touched many churches throughout the county. Plan to attend and enjoy gospel singing in the traditional way.

The kids from church that went to the junior high OMP came back home on Thursday and the high school group will return today. I missed Dylan and Kaylee much more than I planned and will be thrilled to have both of them home with me. I am so thankful for their opportunity to go and proud of them helping others but they will not be going on any long adventures any time soon.

Erin Shaw, Philip Golden, and I went to Russellville last Tuesday and Wednesday for training with all the teachers from Greenbrier Middle School. Teachers all over are trying to complete summer trainings and get ready for school to begin in August, which is less than one month away now.

If you have been on vacation or have news to share, please email me at Be safe and enjoy what is left of summer.


Wow! What a great Peachfest! A great big thank you to Shelly Brown and Lacey Wilson for doing most of the work to bring it together. They went to the TV stations and contacted sponsors to help support our event. They went the extra mile and more to make it work and a success. Yes we learn as we go. I am sure there were some hurdles they had to struggle with but it was a success. No one knows better than I do that it takes teamwork and that is what they did.

Hats off Ladies! Fantastic Job! If anyone has any suggestions let one of the committee members know. We are open for suggestions, but please don’t criticize and say things that will hurt others feelings. We all have worked hard to make it a success. Radio stations came out. We appreciated the coverage from the Log Cabin Democrat before the event and having us recognized in the Roundabout.

Please keep the following in your prayers Wilma Stevenson, Betty Griffith, Wayne Stevenson, Kayla Brim and daughter, Tabiatha Rowlett’s new grand baby and mother and anyone else that has been in the hospital or sick. Especially pray for the children of the mother and father in Conway that passed away on Monday. These people lived in my son’s neighborhood and Landon played with their children. It was a sad day for sure for such a tragedy.

Jerry, Dana and Landon returned early Sunday morning from their vacation to Denver, Colo. They went to visit her mother, Sue, and her two brothers and friends. They had a great time. Landon had a wonderful time visiting with his MeMaw and uncles and friends. I think he grew a foot while he was gone and wow did I ever miss that little boy and his mom and dad.

My mother, Betty Griffith has had a fairly good week so far. It is so sad to have this disease that you watch them go down slowly and some of the things that happen you just have to laugh to keep from crying.

We always need prayers to keep up the faith and strength to face the next obstacle that comes upon us.

Dawson Watkins, son of Chase Watkins and Danielle, snd grandson of Doris Watkins, won the Little Mister Peachfest Contest on Thursday night and also was escorted in the parade by Annette Wilson in her Camaro and riding along was Doris. He was so excited and looked so handsome.

Dawson we are all so proud of you and love you. He had several captive in the audience and the parade. Randy Worm, me of course.

Lilly Shaw, daughter of Dustin Shaw, won first place in the Little Miss Peachfest. She was a little doll too.

Mylee Kerr, won the Little Miss Peachfest, she is the daughter of Kim and Eddie Kerr.

If I could get some information on who won all the events I would recognize those beautiful children.

Don’t forget on Saturday, July 19, from 2-4 p.m. to go help celebrate Myra and Theoda Griffith’s 65th wedding anniversary at their home in Conway! What a great tribute to each other and an example to others! We love you Myra and Theoda.

Have a great week and enjoy this cool weather! It is heavenly nice right now. I am counting the days they are getting closer and closer.

Please remember to not drink and drive. I sure hope the alcohol sales do not pass I can imagine how much how many more lives will be lost or injured in our county if it does. Really stop and think about this!

Send news to or call 679-3299 and I will call you back.