New Beginning Church

"Part Time Won’t Do" was our message Sunday from Pastor Bob, taken from several books of the Bible. 2 Kings 5 Elisha sent word to tell Naaman to go and wash in the Jordan seven times. That made Naaman mad because the water was so dirty. He wanted to go to Abana or Pharpar rivers because they were better, but Naaman finally went to the Jordan and went down seven times and on the seventh time he came up clean of leprosy.  Even if Naaman had only dipped himself one, two or three times it would not have worked. Part of this would not have been what the Lord wanted. It took seven times to complete his healing. The Lord does not want us to be part time Christians. Part time is like being lukewarm, you will not make heaven on part time. If you are living one week for the Lord and the next taking a week off that will not work. What if the Lord’s return, happened on the week you took off? What if the Lord on His way to die for us stopped and said I’m just too tired to keep on going, I think I’ll take some time off and think about this? There are things to be done every day for the Lord. There are souls to win, there are the sick to take care of, your church to keep up, to help your pastor, your tithes to pay to keep the church going. There are so many things in the church to do, and if your not working in your church you need to be having a change of heart, and be open about what the Lord would have you do, and remember to pray not just once in a while but all the time. Our heavenly Father wants to hear from us not part time but all the time.

One of our members passed away this past Tuesday night. Bro. Ted Jones is at home now with his Lord and Savior, and we are holding up in prayer his family and loved ones.

"Death is not a period but a comma in the story of life." "If you want to convince others of the value of Christianity-live it!"