Arkansas author Wade Rivers will be doing a book signing at Hastings in Conway on Saturday, August 2nd from 12 to 6 p.m. His latest book is being developed into a movie that will be filmed in Arkansas. Eric England, who hails from Russelville was recently hired to co-write the project. Robert Hill, a North Little Rock native and graduate of Hendrix College, will compose the musical score.

Rivers stated that the novel The Yomen will be filmed in Arkansas within the next year, and Eric England may be the Director on the project. England’s latest film Contracted has garnered a lot of attention recently and is playing on Netflix and was recently released to play overseas. The two have collaborated on the screenplay which will be a thriller that takes place in the Ouachita Mountains.

A film company headed by Rivers, "Y"City Flims L.L.C., has been launched to produce Arkansas movies, and The Yomen is expected to be the first of many movies that will be shot here in Arkansas. "What we are going to do is do what they have done in Louisiana. There are now 150 film companies producing movies in Louisiana, and we haven’t, to my knowledge, established a company here set up exclusively for that purpose. Arkansas is such a beautiful state, nearly every town could be a backdrop for a movie of one type or another, and yet we don’t take advantage of our natural resources or heritage, so I decided it was time to showcase our state just like what has been done elsewhere. The first film we are going to do is The Yomen, which I would classify as an Alfred Hitchcock type of suspense as much as anything."

The setting for The Yomen is primarily on the Ouachita River and basically is a story of a man who takes his daughter and her best friend on a vacation to their cabin in the woods. Simultaneously a manhunt ensues, looking for two suspects in the disappearance of one man and the murder of another. Their paths cross on the river, and Clint (the main character) and his daughter are overtaken. The story is intensely character driven, and Rivers claims it is a nail biter from beginning to end.

"The Yomen is riveting, from the first scenes to the very last. The story line won’t let you go; it is so gripping. In actuality, it is a classic story about good versus evil. The evil in this case is "the yomen" which is a superstition or colloquialism meaning any unforeseen danger. An omen is a premonition of danger looming; a yomen is just the opposite. The victims don’t know danger is coming. What makes The Yomen such an intriguing concept is that the audience is able to see the danger (the villians) coming closer and closer in the movie, but the victims can’t. It is a perfectly designed story line that is sure to send chills up the spine just like what Hitchcock use to do in his classic films."

Also involved in the project is Robert Hill from North Little Rock. Robert was recently inducted into the New York/New Jersey Blues Hall of Fame and has agreed to the do some of the music in the film. At some point, auditions will be held in the state to cast some of the roles just like what was done in Jeff Nichols movie, Mud. Rivers stated that they hope to discover some great talent in the state in these auditions so that if the movie is a success it will help to launch careers.

The Yomen is part of a collection of work in the book Thrillervision. He also has two other books out, "Y"City and The Trisix Colony. All his works are also available on Amazon. For more information on the project, go to or