As the value of automobiles increases, the cost of the insurance for more expensive vehicles increases. As consumers, we all need to be aware of ways and options available to us, to help manage the cost of insurance we pay.

Auto insurance premiums may vary widely depending on one's age, personal characteristics (more expensive for teens), driving record, value and type of vehicle insured, type of coverages carried, and territory where the vehicle is driven. However, there are still a number of choices available to you that can affect your rates.

Note the following ways you may be able to reduce your auto insurance costs further.

* Choose higher deductibles to significantly lower your premium.

* Select only the coverages you need. This may change as your vehicle ages.

* Drive responsibly. Accident-free discounts are available with most insurers for customers who have a safe driving record.

* Multi-line discounts. Premiums may be reduced if you insure home, life or health with the same company that covers your car.

* Multiple car discounts. Premiums may be reduced if there are two or more private passenger cars in the household insured by the same company.

* Anti-theft devices. Some companies offer discounts when certain anti-theft devices are installed or built into a vehicle.

* Good student discounts. Full-time students maintaining at least a "B" average, and completing a driver's education course qualify for reduced premiums with many companies. These discounts can be sizeable.

* Defensive driving courses. Premium discounts are sometimes offered for completion of a specified driver improvement course once a customer is over 55 years of age. Ask your insurer.

The above are some of the more common factors to consider for lowering your auto premium. For more details, contact your insurance company or agent. Above all, be alert and drive safely.