A watchful neighbor foiled a pre-dawn vehicle break-in on Wednesday and helped in arresting two alleged thieves. 

Garret Cresswell, a 20-year-old contract roofer, was playing cards in his apartment with a friend at about 2 a.m. on Wednesday when a neighbor knocked on the door to tell him that somebody had gotten into his truck and carried something away from it.

"That’s when me and my friend came downstairs and saw them and chased them on foot down the street and caught up with the guys," Cresswell said. 

The two, one of which may have been acting as a "lookout," gave Creswell back a change jar that had been in his truck, and showed him where they had dropped receipts that were in it.

"One of them said he had a kid and kind of pleaded," Creswell said. "They walked off. We walked back to the apartment, and my neighbor had already called the police. … The way I look at it, I know a lot of people who have a kid, and they work for their money."

Police found a 20-year-old Conway man and 18-year-old Christopher W. Stevens in the area, and Stevens was arrested on suspicion of theft of property. The 20-year-old was questioned and released. According to La Tresha Woodruff, CPD’s public information officer, Stevens admitted involvement in three other vehicle break-ins in a police interview. There wasn't enough evidence at the time of the interview to arrest the 20-year-old, Woodruff said.