A Conway man was injured Sunday evening in a bizarre golf club attack at the Conway Country Club course.

According to a Conway Police Department incident report released today, the 28-year-old victim was golfing with a friend when they saw one 19-year-old member of another golfing party of young men "yelling [and] cursing loudly" with his trousers pulled down, exposing himself on the course.

"Being a Conway Country Club member, both him and [his friend] went over to the group of males," the report states. "[The victim] said he told the male who had done the above [described] things that he needed to leave and not be doing this stuff on the golf course."

According to the victim’s statements to the officer, this is when the suspect charged at him with a golf club and swung, aiming for the head.

The victim said today that he thinks he wasn’t seriously injured only because he was able to catch the club’s shaft on the way down, softening the blow that still left a laceration above his eyebrow that needed ER attention. He was back at work today.

Three of the suspect’s golfing partners waited for police to arrive and corroborated the victim’s account of the attack. They also said that the suspect had drank four or five beer and had earlier broken a club in a fit of anger, and that this was out-of-character for the 19-year-old. They were about to leave the course due to their friend’s behavior when he attacked the victim, they told police, according to the report. Another member of the suspect’s golfing party took off on a golf cart when he saw the golf club attack, wanting no part of it, according to the report.

The suspect has been interviewed, and the case has been turned over to the prosecutor’s office for review. La Tresha Woodruff, CPD’s public information officer, said that the suspect claims to have swung in self-defense, and told the interviewing officer that his pants accidentally slid down.