Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Vehicle pursuit.

A Mayflower man in his 20s ran the stoplight at Locust Street and College Avenue in front of a CPD officer at about 8:35 Tuesday morning and didn’t stop when the officer turned on his lights and sirens. Instead, the man turned south onto Conway Boulevard and sped up. The man’s 1994 Mercury Sable managed 60 mph on South Center Street, running the stop sign at Hardy Street, and finally got up to about 75 on Sturgis Road, the report states. The driver eventually ran off the road and he and his female passenger got out and tried to make a run for it through a wooded area, but officers ran them down and arrested them without further incident.

The woman had about a gram of what was feared to be "a green leafy vegetable substance," about a gram of suspected methamphetamine, a multi-colored smoking device and three pills of some sort in her purse. There was a briefcase in the car with digital scales and spoons in it. Also in the car was a Sterling .22 caliber semiautomatic handgun.

• Domestic battering at 2100 block of Prince Street.

An officer on patrol at about 9:30 Monday night noticed a woman walking along the road screaming for help. The woman told the officer that her husband had been shoving her against the passenger-side door during an argument while they were driving and hit her in the face. She got out when he stopped the truck. The husband was found soon after and arrested on suspicion of domestic battery. It will be a felony prosecution since he has been convicted of domestic battery within the past 5 years.

• Battery at 2800 block of Dave Ward Drive.

A man reported that he was at a friend’s house helping her with some stuff, and when they walked around a corner another woman "jumped out of the bushes with a white stick-like object (possibly a fiberglass antenna) and hit [the man] across the arm with it." The woman was last seen fleeing the scene in a Mustang convertible.

• Battery at 400 block of Robins Street.

A fight took on the characteristics of a battle royale started when a woman "slammed open" the door of a residence "yelling and screaming" at the women inside and then three other people came in and all started beating them. At one point, according to the report, a woman in a pink shirt "picked up a glass table and hit her sister … on the head with it." The other victim said that a woman in a white and yellow shirt threw a glass table at her. One of the victims tried to defend themselves with a kitchen knife. Hair was pulled. The victims had bruises and minor cuts that paramedics attended to at the scene.

A victim told the officers that "this is the third year in a row that the same people have attacked her on her birthday," the report states.

• Battery at 10 block of Fairmont Drive.

At about 8:45 on Tuesday night an officer responded to reports of a fight to find a man with a swollen eye and some cuts around his face. The man said he hadn’t been in a fight and didn’t want to make any report. Because the man didn’t want to cooperate, the officer told him that he’d document the incident and gave him a ride to a place somebody could pick him up and take him to his home in another county.

• Harassment/battery/hurt feelings at 3600 block of Dave Ward Drive.

A man reported that an argument about whether he was driving too fast in the company parking lot escalated to involve profanity and pointed fingers. At one point, someone actually "struck the left side of [the man’s] nose with his finger," according to the report.

• Computer fraud.

A Conway man had to report that he’d been duped by an online scheme and lost about $5,000 doing MoneyGram transactions with a "company" he thought had hired him.

• Residential burglary at 2100 block of West Street.

At some point between mid-morning and 4:30 on Monday a thief or thieves got into a house, probably by using a pry-bar on the door, and stole a black 42" Vizio TV and about $10,000 worth of jewelry and a safe with passports and a checkbook in it.

• Breaking or entering at 1900 Scott Street.

At some point on Monday a thief or thieves got into a carport and shed and stole a Cub Cadet Enforcer lawnmower, Shindaiwa and Husqvarna string trimmers and a Makita leafblower.