Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Bicycle thievery at 1900 Tyler Street (Faulkner County Library).

An 11-year-old boy thought that it’d be okay to leave his Murray 10-speed in the bike rack while at the library around noon Wednesday. He though that nobody would steal a kid’s bike from the library — somebody would have to be criminally insane to do something so loathsome. And who would steal a kid’s bicycle when the seat was all worn out and it had a little yellow towel rubber-banded over it and a rear sprocket was busted? The boy described the bike to an officer as "red and white, but mostly red." Revolting.

• Residential burglary/ vehicle break-in at 2100 block of Dillard Drive.

Before dawn on Tuesday a burglar snuck into a home and started burgling while the residents were asleep. One of the residents, a man in his mid-20s, woke up when the burglar went into his bedroom and chased the man out of the house. The burglar fled in his car, taking a wallet, an Xbox 360 and a bunch of games, three laptop computers, a Remington 870 SuperMag shotgun, a Mossberg 835 shotgun, a Stoeger M3500 shotgun, about $170 worth of 12-gauge shells, a tackle box, a guide bag, some Maui Jim sunglasses, a Fossil watch, an antique muzzle-loading rifle, and $40 in change.

• Funny money at 1444 Dave Ward Drive and 235 Farris Road.

Just before midnight on Tuesday a man went through the McDonald’s drive-through and tried to pay with a bogus $100 bill marked "for motion picture use only." The young lady working the window "noticed right away the bill was bogus, so she seized the bill and confronted the unidentified male," who drove off in a Ford Mustang. At around the same time, at the Bear’s Den Pizza bar, two men tried to pay with two of the bogus Hollywood Ben Franklins and got $25 worth of booze and $175 legal tender.

• Public intoxication at 816 East Oak Street.

Employees called police to report that an apparently intoxicated man was abusing the staff at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. When police arrived, the man’s answer to most of their questions was, "Why don’t you tell me?" He was told, and arrested.

• Robbery/kidnapping(?)

A woman let her boyfriend borrow her car for a trip to Little Rock on Tuesday, then he didn’t come back. Eventually he got in touch with her and said he’d been kidnapped, beaten and robbed in North Little Rock, but was able to get out of the robbers’ car in Conway and run away. The report notes what officers thought may be inconsistencies with the man’s story. The car was found abandoned in Little Rock, and the man had several broken bones in his face that Conway Regional Medical Center doctors sent him on to Baptist Health in Little Rock to mend. North Little Rock police were notified of the man’s claims.

• Motor vehicle theft at 500 block of Dave Ward Drive.

A man left his Lexus SUV idling outside a gas station while he went inside at about 1 a.m. on Wednesday. A thief drove off with it.

• Freakout at 600 block of South German Lane.

A person called police at around 4 a.m. on Wednesday to report commotion in a neighbor’s apartment. An officer arrived and found a young lady "completely naked and yelling 'Don’t open my eyes.'" The officer was told by others there that she had taken LSD. Officers were able to stop her flailing about and get her clothes on, and she was taken by MEMS to Conway Regional.

• Residential burglary at 700 block of Milam Drive.

On Tuesday night a thief or thieves tried to get into a house by prying open a sliding door. They weren’t able to get in.

• Vehicle break-in at 1700 block of Calhoun Drive.

At some point between 2 and 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday a thief or thieves got into a woman’s car that had been parked with the windows down and rummaged through things. The only thing they took was an old car stereo that was under one of the seats.

• Vehicle break-in at 600 block of East German Lane.

At some point Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning a thief or thieves got into a car and stole about $30 cash. The woman noticed the crime when she found documents that were in her car strewn about in a ditch.

• Credit card fraud.

Somebody used a Conway woman’s bank account to buy about $450 worth of stuff in Montrose, California. The report indicates that somebody probably "cloned" her debit card.

• Residential burglary at 1400 block of Hubner Street.

A man thought his burglar alarm had gone off by accident at 12:50 Wednesday afternoon and called the alarm company to report that everything was okay. But it wasn’t. A few minutes later he figured out that someone had tried to force their way into a window. A theivish-looking man was seen in the area a few minutes later and the man gave his description to police.

• Theft of property at 2400 block of Sanders Street.

A woman reported that somebody apparently pickpocketed her iPhone 5 while she was shopping on Sunday afternoon.

• Vehicle break-in at 10 block of Stonehenge Drive.

At some point Monday night or early Tuesday morning a thief or thieves got into an unlocked car and took a garage door opener. The officer advised her to disconnect the garage door opener until she can get a new code.

• Vehicle break-in at 2100 block of Wilmington Drive.

At some point early Tuesday morning a thief or thieves got into a car and rifled through things.