It’s either a story of rare good luck or rare bad luck, depending on which side of the theft of property statute you’re allegedly on, but it ends with a Conway man getting his stolen bicycle pedaled right back to him the day after he reported it stolen.

Scott Forbush, 24, reported his bright orange Trek stolen on Sunday after it went missing from the yard of his ladyfriend’s house late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

"I got up in the morning to go ride my bike home and it was gone, so I called Conway PD," Forbush said. …  "I ended up talking to my friends [who work at the Highway 65 Starbuck’s Coffee shop where Forbush used to work] a lot about it and I went over to a couple friends houses and told them I was pretty bummed because my bike got stolen the other day." 

Forbush was ready "to get over it," he said, when on Monday "I got a phone call from my best friend at Starbucks, and he said, ‘Didn’t you say you got your bike stolen?’ and I started describing it and he said, ‘I think it just pulled up right on my patio.’"

The Starbuck’s manager, Drew Cottongim, called a police officer and arranged to try and "stall" the man who rode up on the bike until the officer got there, Forbush said. It worked, and when the officer questioned the man it turned out he had an active warrant. He was arrested on the warrant, and the bicycle was returned to Forbush.

"I thought it was really ironic that he happened to ride to the Starbuck’s that everybody knows me at," Forbush said, also saying that he wanted to thank Cottongim and his friends Cason and David for helping get his bike back.