From the Arkansas Department of Health food safety website, Jan. 1 to Feb. 12.


Little Miracles Daycare; February 10, 2021; Routine

Shug’s Funtime Learning Home D; February 10, 2021; Routine

Village HUB; February 10, 2021; Routine

Zeteo Coffee; February 10, 2021; Routine – observation: eggs stored above cheese and hand sanitizer not labeled, both corrected on site.

Precious Moments; February 9, 2021; Routine

Burger King (Oak Street); February 8, 2021; Routine

Chili’s; February 5, 2021; Routine

Quality Child Care; January, 28, 2021; Routine

Texas Roadhouse; January, 26, 2021; Routine

Game Time Crabs; January, 21, 2021; Routine

Ozark Country Market at Pickle; January, 21, 2021; Routine

Mackey’s Catfish 3; January, 20, 2021; Routine

Caring Hands Day Care; January, 19, 2021; Routine

Miss Carrie Day School; January, 19, 2021; Routine

Flying Pig; January, 15, 2021; Routine

Abundant Blessings Child Care; February 5, 2021; Routine

Smart Start Academy, LLC; January, 28, 2021; Routine

Marble Slab Creamery-Great AME; January, 22, 2021; Routine – observation: hand washing sink needed cleaning.

Happy Place Childcare Center; January, 21, 2021; Routine

Skinny J’s; January, 21, 2021; Follow-up – confirming hand-washing sink had hot water, noted on January 15 inspection.


Central Christian Academy Of Greenbrier; February 9, 2021; Routine

Kiddieville-Greenbrier; February 9, 2021; Routine

Westside Kids Day Out; February 9, 2021; Routine

New Life Church Of Arkansas (LLC); February 2, 2021; Routine

Deep Roots Preschool; February 1, 2021; Routine

Ms. Kristie’s Daycare; February 1, 2021; Routine

McNespey Kountry Junction; January, 28, 2021; Routine

Panthers Station; January, 27, 2021; Routine

Taco Bell 616; January, 27, 2021; Routine


Vilonia Sonic LLC; January, 22, 2021; Routine



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