The promotion of Nathan Brown from offensive coordinator to head coach will have no bigger impact than players already on the University of Central Arkansas roster.

"My main concern right now is for our current players," Brown said during a Monday press conference. "This is a time of change, and a time of looking at what’s to come. We lost around 22 seniors, but the guys that are in that room right now are hungry, they’re frustrated with a second-round loss and they’re ready to get to work."

Gilberto Garcia, who went through a coaching change when coach Clint Conque left for Stephen F. Austin State University in 2013 and graduating in four days with a master’s degree, said this was the best hire that could have been made.

"When you talk about UCA, coach Brown is UCA," he said. "He’s been here ever since he was a freshman, an 18-year old. He’s had success, and he’ll just keep everything going from where we were last year and pick up where coach (Steve) Campbell left off. There’s no doubt in my mind."

Garcia found out Conque was leaving during the state championship game of his senior year at Morrilton.

Garcia decided to stay with Campbell came in.

Now, current players are experiencing a little of what Garcia went through as a recruit, but Garcia knows the players and recruits will be in good hands with Brown.

"He was the first one that came to mind when I heard Campbell was leaving," he said. "The offense will still be top notch and he will bring in the right guy for defensive coordinator. All the guys that are still left in that room are going to have a great season next year.

"There’s way more to come for this team and I’m excited for them, as an alumni now. I’m ready to start donating toward the program so they can have more success."

Despite the coaching change during his recruitment, Brown recruited Garcia, like other members of the UCA roster.

"Coach Brown came into my home on a visit when I was an 18-year-old senior, so this all kind of goes back to coach Brown, as well as coach Conque," he said. "He’s had a lot of impact, and he deserves it. It’s crazy how life works. He’s literally sitting in my living room in the spring of 2012, and now, he’s the head coach and that’s awesome."

Brown also recruited current running back Carlos Blackman.

"Coach Brown was the one that recruited me, so I knew that staying here would be a good thing and he would take care of me," he said. "If he were still here, it wouldn’t change much for me."

Brown said the team will continue to be about family and trust.

"We are going to lean on each other and this will be something that is going to be special for years to come," he said.