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The Mayflower Board of Education approved the design presented by Jackson Brown Palculict Architects for the athletic facilities upgrade during its Feb. 3 meeting. The first phase of the project is set to be complete by August.

Officials with Mayflower Public Schools are excited to get started on the next phase of the district’s upgrade to its football field and other athletic areas.

It’s been almost a year since the community voted to extend the district’s 15.5 debt-service millage for another 13 years to fund the $5.9 million project which includes building a new field house, installing turf on the football field, rejuvenating the track, putting in new home bleachers, a new bathroom facility and indoor practice facility.

Board members just voted to approve the design of the upgrade presented by Jackson Brown Palculict Architects during its regular meeting Feb. 3.

Superintendent John Gray told the Log Cabin Democrat on Thursday that the project is being done by Van Horn Construction Inc., which is hoping to get their building trailers in this week.

“They want to start foundation work as soon as possible,” he said, excitedly.

The upgrade is part of a two-phase project. The first phase includes everything to do with the field and seating, set to be done by August 8.

“That’s so we can play football next season,” he said. “Otherwise we’d have nothing to play on.”

The second phase includes the completion of the indoor practice facility and field house, but has no completion date.

These are upgrades and builds the district has been wanting to do for more than 10 years, but because of the need for better academic spaces, which Mayflower put first, the district hasn’t had an opportunity until now.

Gray said in 2007, they added to the elementary school, and five to six years ago, added to the middle school. Recent renovations to the high school have also been completed.

“We’ve done everything academically ... so it’s time for the athletic facilities,” he said. “We’ve been wanting this for a long time. We’re very excited about it. The big thing, of course, is it’s going to be good for our kids. Just something the kids need, long overdue.”

The superintendent mentioned how good it’s going to be for the community as well and how noticeable the changes will be for everyone – the current field house and track were built in the 1970s.

“It definitely needs renovation,” Gray said. “The public will notice it very much.”

The LCD asked Gray what kind of feedback he’s received during the process. He said the best feedback thus far was the voters approving the change in the first place.

“It was an overwhelming yes,” he said. “They wanted these facilities. It’s the school district’s job now to provide it. I know people are anxious for it. They’re ready. They want it done.

“We really thank the community for making it possible.”

Staff writer Hilary Andrews can be reached at handrews


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