The city of Mayflower has asked residents to conserve water usage as much as possible as the city's supply is about to run dry.

"Due to the continued higher volume of water usage, be prepared for us to completely run out of water in the next few hours, as reports from customers are already being called in tonight," the city posted to its Facebook page at 7 p.m. Thursday. "With VERY CONSERVATIVE (no running faucet overnight, laundry, dishwasher, etc), it MIGHT last until morning. Once we're out, we we're ALL OUT, until the tanks are able to refill.

"If you have a leak, it's imperative that you shut off your water and report it immediately to 472-6818, 472-6849, or 472-5125."

City officials said more than 100 leaking service lines had been identified and shut off so far "in an effort to preserve what little is left."

This will also affect Greenbrier residents.

The city of Greenbrier sent out this message Thursday evening: "The water supply is running low due to increased demand. Greenbrier Water asks for your cooperation in conserving water and reducing usage as much as possible. To keep you water lines from freezing, please leave only ONE faucet dripping (not running) to the rate of one drop every 2 seconds. As soon as the outside temperature is above freezing, please remember to turn it off completely. Thank you for your cooperation."

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