Conway Corp

Pictured are (back row, from left) Jazmine Lowery, Neil Holman, Marcelo Maldonado, Michelle Hatfield, Eric Bell and Kelly Johnston-Jeffus, (front row, from left) Renisenb McGehee, Nicole Pizzolato, Eleise Wood Myers, Marilyn Boswell and Briana Sanders.

Conway Corp was recognized for excellence in customer service when 11 of its customer service professionals were awarded Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Awards at the 2021 Mid-America Cable Show.

Business Solutions Sales Engineer Eleise Wood Myers was presented with the Five Star Cable Champion Award which recognizes outstanding achievement in leadership in a cable system.

Lead Customer Service Specialist Eric Bell and Customer Care Team Leader Nicole Pizzolato were recognized with Five Star CSE Awards in the area of sales. Senior Customer Care Specialist Kelly Johnston-Jeffus and Customer Care Specialists Marilyn Boswell, Briana Sanders and Renisenb McGehee were honored with Four Star CSE Sales Awards.

In the area of Service, Customer Care Specialists Neil Holman and Marcelo Maldonado were awarded Five Star award and Four Star awards were presented to Customer Care Specialists Jazmine Lowery and Michelle Hatfield.

The Customer Service Excellence Award program was established by cable television professionals in 1986 to recognize and award customer care professional excellence in the cable television industry.

The Mid-America Cable Association is an industry association formed in 1958 to help telecommunication providers promote technical excellence, superior customer service, exemplary marketing and student scholarship. It includes cable telecommunications system operators in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas and Texas.

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