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Breakthrough / Will Cook

Chasing the white lion / James Hannibal

Cholla kid / Jackson Cole

Cry of the raven / Morgan Busse

Daddy’s girls / Danielle Steel

Emerald affair / Janet MacLeod Trotter

Empty nesters / Carolyn Brown

Enamored / J.S. Scott

Evil men do / John McMahon

German house / Annette Hess

Harbor secrets / Melody Carlson

In an absent dream / Seanan McGuire

Last train to London / Meg Waite Clayton

Lazy H feud / Ed La Vanway

Matchmaking can be murder / Amanda Flower

No name / Richard Wheeler

Out of the attic / V.C. Andrews

Reasonable doubt / Phillip Margolin

Redeemed / Tim Pears

Rope burn / William Johnstone

Rosanna’s gift / Susan Lantz Simpson

Salt River / Randy Wayne White

Selah / Lisa Bergren

Starfish Pier / Irene Hannon

Trail’s end / Wiliam MacLeod Raine

Vanishing half / Brit Bennett

Adult Fiction:Girl from Widow Hills / Megan Miranda

Mist / Ragnar Jonasson

Party of two / Jasmine Guilllory

People of the canyons / Katheen Gear

Shadows of Foxworth / V.C. Andrews

Take a hint, Dani Brown / Talia Hibbert

White pines summer / Sherryl Woods

Adult Non-Fiction:

Breath / James Nestor

Room where it happened / John Bolton

Twisted: the tangled history of Black hair / Emma Dabiri

Walking to the end of the world / Beth Jusino

Juvenile and Young Adult:

Gryphon’s lair / Kelley Armstrong

Marie Curie and the power of persistence / Karla Valenti

Zenobia July / Lisa Bunker

Movies and TV series:

All That Jazz


Dark Phoenix


Good Fight

Lost Transmissions




Homegrown / Neil Young

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