Greenbrier Planning Commission

Greenbrier planning commissioners review site plans for Martha’s Field.

GREENBRIER — Planning commissioners are recommending the Greenbrier City Council to approve four projects.

During the Greenbrier Planning Commissions regular meeting on July 20, commissioners voted in favor of sending four project proposals to the city council for review.

One of the projects includes consolidating seven lots and issuing a special use permit for Crafton Tull that would allow contractors to build a Casey’s General Store gas station at the intersection of Highway 65 and Highway 225 East.

No one spoke out against the request during a public hearing held on the matter that night.

The planning commission also held public hearings regarding a request to move forward with Martha’s Field, which would be a subdivision, as well as a car dealership and for a public ice machine to be installed along Highway 65.

There was no opposition to the business proposals.

The Greenbrier Planning Commission is asking city aldermen to approve rezoning a portion of the former II Friends Auto Sales lot along Highway 65 for a new dealership, Car Choice, to move in. A portion of the lot was never rezoned for commercial use, local surveyor Tim Tyler said.

Planning commissioners also moved to recommend the Greenbrier City Council approve business owner Randy Garrett’s request to install a public ice machine near Miller’s RV Park along Highway 65. Garrett said the ice machine would accept cash and credit cards and that there would be enough space for larger trucks to also pull in and use the machine.

The Greenbrier City Council will meet next at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 3.

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