From Conway Police Department reports

Shots fired

On Wednesday, Oct 6, police responded to a call at the Oakwood Village Trailer Park around 10 p.m. about two shots being fired and a silver truck speeding off. The victim told police that he was turning on his road when a silver truck was trying to back out of a lot. The truck kept coming at the victim so he honked his horn then went to his trailer, but the truck began to follow him. Another male jumped out of the driver’s seat and started yelling at the victim, threatening to bust his head open. The victim told the man that he would call the police if he didn’t leave so then the driver drove off and fired his gun, which is believed to have been a .22 handgun, two times before leaving the trailer park.

Police made contact with the people in the mobile home where the driver pulled out of but according to the police report, no one knew who the man was.

Stolen car

On Thursday, Oct 7, police responded to a call about a woman whose car was stolen by a friend without her permission. The woman told police that roughly a week before, she allowed a family friend of hers to borrow her car to pick up shaving razors for her. She also allowed the man to take her cell phone with him. The friend was gone for an extended amount of time, so when he returned, she looked at the Google location history on her phone and saw that he visited 8 Liberty Loop several times and. The friend only stayed at her house for a short amount of time on Friday and then left with the car again without permission.

The woman believes that he is either at 8 Liberty Loop or in Georgia, it is unclear as to why she believes the latter. Police went to 8 Liberty Loop but did not see the car when they were there. The woman has not been able to make contact with the friend since he left on Friday and is worried he won’t return with her car.

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