From Conway Police Department reports

Food delivery rivals

On Monday, Nov. 15, police responded to a call about an attack behind Serrano’s Restaurant on Dave Ward Drive. Police spoke to a man who worked as a delivery driver for a food company out of Missouri. He told police that last night, another delivery driver that worked for a different national food company parked his truck in a way that made it impossible for the man to unload his supplies which caused them to get into an argument where they yelled and cussed at each other. After this incident, the first man called the second’s supervisor to report the incident.

On Nov 15, however, the two were once again unloading their supplies at the same time when they met each other by the back door. This is when the second man began cursing at him for reporting him to his boss. The man, according to the report, began telling him that he would “beat him up and called him names.” The first man then also began cursing at him and that is when the second man punched him in the face and put him in a headlock.

Police then spoke to the second man who told a different side of the story. He said that the first man was the one that began cursing at him and started to move toward him so he was just trying to defend himself. He told police that the first man agreed to walk away if he let him go out of the headlock. The first man had a small cut on his chin that had been bleeding while the second had scratches on his elbows and knees.

Unemployment fraud

On Tuesday, Nov. 16, police responded to a call about a woman whose name was being used fraudulently. She told police that her place of employment had received a letter three or four weeks ago saying that she had being receiving unemployment benefits back in 2020, of which she claims she was not. She told police that the name that was being used for her was a previous last name that she no longer uses. She contacted the Department of Workforce Services and they told her to file a police report.

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