From Conway Police Department reports

Unsafe idea

On Feb. 20, officers took a terroristic threatening report over the telephone. The general manager of Rally’s on Oak Street said a current employee had called and threatened one of his shift managers on Feb. 19.

“[The employee] called the store asking for the code to the safe to gain access to the money located inside,” according to the report. “The on shift manager … denied his request at which point [the employee] stated that he would come to the store and put a gun to his head.”

Officers spoke with the shift manager who said he had spoken to the employee’s probation officer about the incident.

Sleeping bag scuffle

On Feb. 21, police responded to a disturbance at the Warming Station, in the Don Owen Sports Complex.

The complainant told officers a man “known only as Zach” attempted to steal his red sleeping bad. Nobody at the Warming Station had Zach’s last name, the report noted. When the complainant confronted Zach, he became angry and pushed the complainant three times, according to the report.

Zach had reportedly left on foot about five minutes before officers arrived at the Warming Station. Officers searched the area but was unable to locate Zach.

The complainant said he was not injured but he did want to file charges. He said he would call back if he found out Zach’s last name.

Public intoxication

On Feb. 21, police responded to a domestic disturbance call at The Pointe Apartments. A woman told officers her boyfriend was intoxicated and refused to leave her apartment.

When officers arrived, they could hear a man “talking loudly from the apartment, [to] which the door was open,” an officer wrote in the report. “I pushed it open and announced my presence. [The boyfriend] said I could come in even though it wasn’t his place.”

The boyfriend agreed to leave the apartment. Conway Yellow Cab was closed due to inclement weather so officers offered to drive him home – to Salem Park Apartments – but he said he wanted to walk.

“Temperatures were below freezing and he was having a hard time on the ice,” officers wrote. “[He] slipped and fell.”

Officers checked him for injuries, but none were noted. He refused medical attention. He agreed to let officers drive him home. He said he lived in Building 3 but couldn’t remember which apartment. He said “he could point out which apartment,” according to the report.

Halfway down East German Lane, however, he said he didn’t have his keys, couldn’t remember where he lived and had no one who could pick him up. Officers noted “he could not be left outside because of freezing temperatures.”

He was placed under arrest and was given a citation for public intoxication.

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