From Conway Police Department reports

Disturbance on Shady Lane

On March 27, officers responded to a disturbance on Shady Lane. A woman said that her two adult children “had been fighting in the yard and that one of them had damaged her vehicle,” according to the report.

She said it was her daughter who caused the damage and she needed to file a report for the insurance. The passenger side mirror “had been twisted and the glass was scratched and the front windshield was also cracked,” according to the report. Photos of the damage were taken.

Shots fired

Officers responded to a shots-fired call near the intersection of Willow and Neal streets on March 28.

While en route, dispatch advised that a black car was leaving the area where the call originated, an officer wrote in the report.

Officers were unable to locate a black car in the area. An officer continued to the location where the shots were fired to check for shell casings and interview witnesses.

He reported there was “a large group of people having a cookout at Garland Neal” who “were not very cooperative and only said that there was a black car at the corner of Willow and Neal that fired several shots in the air and then sped out of the area.”

As an officer was looking for shell casings, a man told him “he thought it was a revolver that was shot and he didn’t think I would would find any casings … in the street.”

He officer noted he found no casings.

He said the group didn’t provide him with “any other vital information,” according the report.

“One woman that appeared to be intoxicated stated that she thought it was a Mercedes,” the report stated. “A bunch of men started laughing and thought she was crazy to say it was a Mercedes.”

Overpaying at the pump

Around 6:20 p.m. March 29, officers took a theft of property report over the phone in reference to possible stolen fuel at Exxon On The Run.

A woman said she began pumping gas into her 2019 Mercedes GLC and went inside the store to purchase some items. When she came out, the total cost of the fuel was $77, “which she thought was higher than what she normally paid for fuel,” the report stated.

She initially just wrote it off to rising gas prices, but when she checked her receipt, it indicated she had purchased 27.8 gallons of fuel and her car only holds 17 gallons.

“She believed someone had taken the pump and used it to pump their own gas,” the report stated.

She asked gas station staff to review the security footage, which they said they could do when she provided them with a police report.

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