From Conway Police Department reports

Vehicle break-in at church

On March 30, police responded to Woodland Heights Baptist Church in reference to a breaking or entering call.

Upon arrival, officers saw a dark blue Subaru Cross Trek with the front passenger side window busted out, according to the report.

They went inside the church to locate the vehicle’s owner. When she checked the vehicle, she told police her purse was missing from it.

She described the purse a black with flowers with pepper spray attached to it. She said her ID, social security card, debit card and $50 cash was inside the purse.

A witness who was working across the street said he heard “a big bang” and saw two men wearing hoodies breaking into the vehicle. The witness was unsure what the suspects used to break the vehicle window. He said they left the scene in a white Jeep Cherokee. He was unable to get a license plate number.

Cash taken from school nurse

On March 30, officers took a theft report over the phone.

The caller told police that $1,500 cash was stolen from her wallet that afternoon.

She is a school nurse at Simon Middle School. She said that she left the nurse’s office at the school from 2:35-3:15 p.m. After returning to the office, she discovered the cash had been removed from her purse, the report stated.

She informed the school resource officer (SRO) of the incident.

Anything left behind?

On March 30, police responded to Weems Street in response to a suspicious activity call.

The resident told officers he saw a man wearing a hoodie “digging around in his vehicle,” according to the report. He said the suspect ran off when he came outside.

He wanted officers to check the vehicle to ensure the man hadn’t left anything untoward behind. Officers confirmed he was the owner of the vehicle and had him sign a search consent form before searching the vehicle. Officers noted they didn’t find any contraband or discover anything missing.

Officers told him to let them know if he had any further issues with the vehicle and advised he lock his doors in the future.

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