From Conway Police Department reports

Guard dogs

On April 23, police responded to apartments on Polk Street in reference to a burglary call.

A man told officers “someone had broken a window in his home, but he already cleared the home,” meaning nobody was inside.

He said he sat down to watch TV and noticed broken glass on the floor near his TV. He said nothing was missing.

“He figured his dogs scared the person away, so he did not think that anyone made entry into his home,” the report stated.

Home burgled after car rams into door

On April 23, police responded to apartments on Donaghey Avenue in reference to a residential burglary call. Upon arrival, officers noted “the door frame of the apartment was leaning.”

“Once I got closer to the apartment door it appeared that a car had been driven into the apartment door,” an officer wrote in the report. “The parking block had been flipped over and the left side of the wall had been pushed in about 8 inches. The wood where the deadbolt was had been busted through.”

The resident told officers “the only things missing were his PS4 and 32 inch High Sense TV,” according to the report.

Officers tried to contact apartment management and maintenance but were unsuccessful.

The Conway Fire Department arrived and “was able to knock the wall back into place enough to allow the door to shut,” the report stated.

Shots fired

On April 23, police responded to apartments in the 1900 block of Hogan Lane “after dispatch advised they received several 911 calls regarding shots fired,” according to the report.

Officers determined where the shots were fired – the north side of Building 1902 – by locating four spent .40 caliber shell casings at the bottom of the stairwell.

A couple of witnesses who live in the building said they heard three shots fired at the bottom of the stairs, then the shooter ran upstairs and fired an additional shot, and they heard the shooter run back down the stairs.

They told officers “they did not get a description of the person’s race, sex, age or clothing due to shutting the door,” the report stated.

Officers noted three casings in close proximity on the sidewalk at the bottom of the stairwell and the fourth casing was further away, in the grass near a picnic table.

No injuries or property damage was reported.

The shell casings were collected, confirmed to be Federal Smith and Wesson .40 caliber rounds and sent to the State Crime Lab.

Jeanette Anderton can be reached at janderton@thecabin.net.

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