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From Conway Police Department reports

Man says estranged wife keyed his truck

On April 3, police responded to a criminal mischief call on Watkins Street. A man showed officers damage to his 2017 Nissan Titan.

He told officers there was no damage to the truck the day before and that he “firmly believes the suspect is his soon to be ex-wife,” according to the report.

He said they are currently separated and there is a no-contact in place. Police noted in the report that the wife is listed as the protected party in the order.

The damage to the truck was “along the driver side door panels as well as the rear panel,” the report stated.

“It appeared someone has keyed his truck,” the officer wrote.

The man told police he believes it was his estranged wife “because this isn’t the first time she has damaged his truck. In 2016, she put sugar in the gas tank,” according to the report.

He estimated repainting the doors and panel will cost around $5,000 because it is painted pearl white.

There were no witnesses to the truck being damaged, the report noted.

Repairman suspected of stealing cough syrup

On April 3, officers responded to a fraud call at the pharmacy inside Target on Elsinger Drive.

A pharmacy employee police a white man came in and said he was with Airmasters heating and AC and needed to check the air conditioning filter in the pharmacy. The man showed her an ID card and began checking the temperature of air flow coming from the vents. He then told her “he needed to clean a filter on the air conditioning unit located in the northeastern corner of the pharmacy,” the report stated.

He cleaned the filter and said he was going to check that the AC was functioning properly. After he did the check, he left the store. When the pharmacy was doing inventory later, they noticed a bottle containing 403 mLs of codeine with promethazine cough syrup was missing. The cough syrup was located directly beside the AC unit the male had been working on. The employee told police she also called AIrmasters and they didn’t have a work order for that location and said they wouldn’t send an employee to a job in their personal vehicle, which this man had arrived in.

Target provided the officers with photographs of the man exiting the store, photos of his vehicle and video showing him exit that vehicle.

Car towed after catching fire

On April 3, officers responded to Lowe’s on Old Morrilton Highway in reference to a vehicle fire. The driver of the vehicle told police he “was driving through Lowe’s parking lot when the vehicle’s engine caught fire,” according to the report.

Police noted the “car is most likely totaled,” the report stated.

After the fire was extinguished, the vehicle was towed.

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