From Conway Police Department reports

Break-up threats

On Sunday, police responded to a call from a woman who said her ex-boyfriend had been making threats against her. The woman told police that the ex-boyfriend was “very drunk” while they were arguing over their breakup. The ex came to the woman’s apartment around 10 a.m. because the woman was ignoring his calls and messages, according to the report. The ex knocked on the door and the grandchildren let him into the apartment. The woman threatened to call the police at which point the man went down to the parking lot. While in the parking lot, the man yelled to the woman threatening to run her over with his car, the report stated.

Abusive relationship

Also on Sunday, police responded to a call a little after midnight about a domestic disturbance at an apartment. When police arrived, they saw a woman standing at the front door with significant bruising and bleeding on her arms. When police walked in the house, they saw a man on the phone in the kitchen and instantly placed him in handcuffs, the report stated. When police spoke to the man, they could smell alcohol coming from his breath and he informed police that he had “a couple drinks of whiskey and water” that night, according to the report. He told police that the woman wanted help using the bathroom so he grabbed her arm and then she started yelling. The woman, however, said that the man slapped her across the face before grabbing her arm and pulling on it. The police report stated that her injuries were consistent with her story. The woman told police that the man has been physically and verbally abusive recently and she doesn’t know why. The man was placed under arrest.

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