From Conway Police Department reports

Items stolen from repossessed car

On May 1, police responded to a civil matter over the phone.

The caller told officers that her vehicle was repossessed on April 30 and when she went to pick up her personal items from the vehicle, $270 in cash, a carpet spreader and a knee kicker for carpet spreading were missing.

She said that on April 30 she had gone to A-Test on Dave Ward Drive to get a drug test for a job. When the test was complete, “she went back outside to get her vehicle and it was gone,” according to the report.

She said a man in the parking lot told her “a white male got in her car and sped off,” the report stated.

She contacted John Gibson Auto Sales about the repossession and they told her she could come pick up her items that were left in the car. When she arrived, she was given some items from her car but told them some were missing.

“She was told that the items she was given were [all] the items that were passed along to the lady at the dealership,” the report stated.

The woman told officers she was “given the run around as to if the vehicle was taken directly to Higgins Wrecker and Recovery in Alexander or brought directly to the dealership,” according to the report.

She said she attempted to contact the wrecker service but nobody could give her an answer and she “was later blocked by Higgins Wrecker,” the report stated.

Vehicle break-in at David’s Burgers

On May 1, police responded to David’s Burgers on Skyline Drive in reference to a breaking or entering call.

A couple told police they went into the restaurant to eat around 12:10 p.m. After finishing their meal, they returned to their vehicle around 1 p.m. to find it unlocked and the woman’s purse missing.

The woman said she “believes that this was a mistake on her part and that it was never locked in the first place,” according to the report.

The purse was described as a larger black bag with approximately $1,000 in cash and three credit/debit cards inside.

“After checking with the restaurant management, I learned that there were no cameras that could have captured the incident,” an officer wrote.

Smash and grab at Don Owen Sports Complex

On May 2, an officer was patrolling the Don Owen Sports Complex when a woman flagged him down and said that while she was playing softball, her rear passenger window was broken and her purse was taken out of her back seat.

She said she got to the sports complex around 11 a.m. A friend of hers went back to the vehicle around 12:30 p.m. and the car had not been broken into at that time.

Her black Michael Kors backpack/wallet combo was stolen. The wallet contained her driver’s license, social security card and several credit cards. Her house keys were in the purse that was taken.

She later called police to let them know someone had attempted to use one of her credit cards.

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