From Conway Police Department reports

CBC building vandalized

On May 1, officers were dispatched to an open door call at Central Baptist College.

On scene, officers saw one of the front doors on the west side of of the David T. Watkins Building was propped open with a hand sanitizer stand.

“When we looked inside, the lobby was disheveled, with items thrown everywhere,” an officer wrote in the report.

More officers arrived and police cleared the building and then assessed the damages.

They noted two electric outlets on the first floor that “appeared to have been ripped out of their respective place and they were broken into numerous pieces.”

A Dell desktop monitor were knocked off a desk and was broken. Officers noticed “two separate Heartshine AEDs scattered across the floor [and] an Owl Speaker that the top camera appeared to be shattered.”

Officers noted the metal part of one of the front glass doors bent inward, causing the entire frame of the door to bow.

In the south bathroom of the first floor, officers noticed one of the automatic faucets was stuck running and found “what appeared to be trimmed red facial hair” in the sink.

“On the ground next to the sink, I observed a large clump of what appeared to be the same red hair,” the report stated. “In the trash can of the south bathroom, I observed black medical shears that had red facial hair on them, along with a disposable razor that had red hair on it.”

In the third floor lobby of the Academic Building, officers found an LG TV mounted to the wall “that had the screen busted and the TV was no longer functioning.”

In classroom 304, officers discovered that the Delta Thermostat had been broken off the wall, and the actual thermostat itself was shattered.

Officers collected the shears, razor and clump of hair from the bathroom and sent it to the state crime lab for DNA analysis.

The report didn’t indicate an estimate on the damages.

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