From Conway Police Department reports

Residential break-ins on Hobbiton Circle

Officers responded to three separate residential break-ins on Hobbiton Circle on May 30.

At one, the homeowners said that sometime after 6 p.m., unknown people entered the residence “and staged the refrigerator, washing machine and dryer outside,” according to the report.

A witness said that when he arrived, the garage door was up, but the front door had been taken off the hinges.

“The water line to the refrigerator and one washing machine hose had been cut to remove them from the residence,” the report stated.

The homeowner said a window in the southeast bedroom was ajar and she hadn’t left it that way.

“There were muddy footprints from the bedroom that led to the kitchen and other places throughout the residence,” the report stated.

The officer noted he believes the window was the entrance point, and that there was no damage to it.

While officers were getting information on the break-in, they were told about two more break-ins in the neighborhood.

“An unknown suspect(s) broke in, removed the dishwasher and stove, and staged the items outside,” a second report stated. “The hoses to the dishwasher were cut, and the stove had been unplugged. There was water hooked up to the dishwasher so water had leaked over the kitchen and living room floor.”

Officers contacted the property builder and he said the house was under contract and had not yet been purchased.

A third house in the neighborhood, which is still under construction, had been broken into but nothing was stolen from the house. Officers noted there were no products of value inside.

Officers added extra patrols for the neighborhood during the nighttime hours.

Jeanette Anderton can be reached at

Jeanette Anderton can be reached at

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