From Conway Police Department reports

Firework causes car ‘explosion’

On July 19, police responded to a criminal mischief call at the 600 block of West Haven Drive.

Officers met with a man who said “he was inside and heard an explosion then looked outside to discover his vehicle was on fire,” according to the report.

He was able to extinguish the fire while a neighbor called 911. The neighbor said she had seen a gray vehicle driving slowly through the neighborhood and “throwing fireworks at random vehicles,” the report stated.

Officers noted she was unable to get a license plate number or provide a more detailed description of the suspect vehicle.

“One of the neighbors may have caught the damage on camera. The neighbor was provided with my email address and advised to email me if she had found any footage that could help find who damaged [the] vehicle,” an officer wrote in the report.

The driver’s door panel and the side of the driver’s seat were burned, the report noted. Photos of the damage were taken.

Comic books stolen from residence

On July 19, officers took a residential burglary report over the phone.

The caller said that between 6 p.m. July 17 and 11:45 a.m. on July 18, someone entered his residence in the 20 block of Rolling Hills and stole property.

“The individual who did this set up a ladder to his upstairs deck and entered his residence through a window,” the report stated. “The screen was damaged when this occurred.”

The caller said the items taken were miscellaneous comic books.

He said “there were approximately 20 milk crates with around 200 comic books inside and also around six boxes full of comic books” taken. He said he hadn’t gone through the boxes but he estimated their worth around $800.

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