From Conway Police Department reports

Stolen car

On Sept. 6, Conway Police responded to a call on East German Lane of a car being stolen. The owner told police that at midnight he went out to his shed where his car was parked to turn off the lifts of his fish tank and his car was still there. When he went back out almost 12 hours later, his 2010 red Ford F150 was no longer there.

The man told police that he usually leaves his car unlocked with the keys in the center console overnight so that’s how the thief was able to steal it. The man also told police that it might’ve been stolen around 3 a.m. that morning due to his elderly mother saying that she woke up around that time to the sound of the dog barking.

Grave mistake

On Sept. 8, police responded to a report of a man in the wooden area of the Oak Grove Cemetery. Police were told that the employees found several items that were stolen from them at an estimated value of $2,000.

The man told police that “some black dude brought that stuff back here.” When the police asked how long ago the “black dude” brought the items back, he could not give an exact time, going back and forth between five days and to over a week. When police asked the man who the suspect was, he told police that he did not know his name and could not give any type of description.

Police told the man that they had enough to charge him with theft by receiving and when asked for his name, the man initially refused, saying that he did not have to answer their questions. Eventually, he told them his name, and dispatch told police that the man had a possible warrant for Failure to Appear on Obstructing Governmental Operations.

The business later showed police video surveillance footage of the man walking around the shop and it was later confirmed that the man was in fact taking the items from the business.

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