From Conway Police Department reports

Stolen car found

On Saturday, Sept. 11, Conway Police responded to a call regarding a stolen BMW, conflicting reports describe it as either silver or gray. The victim told police that it was stolen while he was pumping gas. The man said that he went inside the store to tell the clerk that the pump he was using wasn’t working and when he went outside, he saw a man inside his car. The man tried to get the thief out of his vehicle, but the door was locked and the suspect sped away.

Later that day, a different Conway officer noticed a similar-looking BMW stopped at a red light at the intersection of Donaghey and Washington avenues and recognized the description from the shift meeting a few hours beforehand. The officer stated in his report that he passed the car and had to turn around, but by the time he got back to that spot, the car was gone.

The officer gave a description of the man to dispatch and one officer stated that it matched the description of a man they’ve dealt with before. Officers knew where the suspect’s mother lived and went there to find him. When they arrived, they saw the suspect walk across the parking lot and get into the driver’s side of the BMW. The officer held the man at gunpoint and told him to place his hands on top of the car. The man did so and the officer put him in handcuffs. The officer confirmed the license plate with dispatch matched the stolen car and the suspect was taken into custody.

Out of the ballpark

On Saturday, Sept. 11, police also responded to a call of a woman who reported damage being done to her silver Honda Pilot in her driveway across the street from the Conway Station Baseball Complex. Her vehicle had a large smashed area in the center of the windshield with the baseball that allegedly did the damage still on the ground next to it. Workers from the baseball fields told the woman to contact the Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation about the incident.

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