From Conway Police Department reports

Vehicle, military uniform stolen

On Sept. 12, a man called police regarding a vehicle theft at an apartment complex on Hogan Lane.

He said his wife’s red 1996 Chevrolet GMT-400 was stolen from the parking lot. He said he woke up around 5 a.m. for military orders and the vehicle was parked in a space. He was getting ready to leave and heard a truck drive off. He assumed it was one of the neighbors. He went to leave around 7 a.m. and the vehicle was gone, according to the report.

“There was no glass on the ground and the vehicle was locked when he left it,” the report stated.

He said there were also valuables in the vehicle including an ACH military helmet valued at $600; a tan SOG go bag valued at $300; a Dell laptop valued at $600; and bluetooth speakers valued at $50.

“[He] also informed me that his military uniform ($400) was in the go bag,” the report stated.

The vehicle has a sticker of a skeleton with the middle finger up on the rear window, a faded white toolbox in the bed and rust on the rear fenders. The front windshield has a crack in it, the report stated.

“He also informed me that there is a Colorado license plate on the front bumper (WBPQ567) that they were unable to remove,” an officer noted in the report.

Dropped wallet turned in

On Sept. 13, a Firestone employee came to the police department to turn in a wallet that was found on the store’s property. The employee filled out all the appropriate paperwork and turned the wallet over to police, who locked it into evidence for safekeeping after they were unable to locate a phone number for the wallet’s owner in ATLAS.

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