From Conway Police Department reports

Dine and dash

On Saturday, Sept. 18, police responded to a call at the Brick and Forge Taproom about a group of men that left without paying. The waitress serving the men told police that the men were between the ages of 18 and 25 and their unpaid meal was more than $120. She tried to get the men to stop to pay, but they kept running toward their car. When she tried to get behind her car to stop them, they kept moving back and bumping into her with their car, but the waitress did not have any injuries during this. Based on the license plate information given to the police, the five men were from North Little Rock.

Multiple bike thefts

On Monday, Sept. 20, police responded to two different reports on the same day about bikes being stolen from the Walmart on Skyline Drive, one from an employee and one from a customer. The employee, a store clerk, told police that he parked his bike unlocked near the storage containers in the parking lot of the store. During his lunch break, he went outside to the parking lot and saw that his bike was no longer there.

The customer also left his bike unlocked in the parking lot and told police that he was only going inside for a few items and when he went back outside, his bike was missing. Neither of the two victims know who or why someone would have stolen their bikes.

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Can someone please explain to me why it is that when the police causes accident/injury/death when responding to and or participating in calls/investigations. The public gets NO information save the basics and what they want us to know. Yet they are more than happy to give information about what other individuals have done that deems them suspects, drug dealers, thiefs etc...I am more than in favor of having law enforcement. Just wish the day was here when "the good ol boys club" was no more.

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