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Encounter leads to police callAn encounter with a stranger led a Conway resident to call police, per a police report provided to the Log Cabin on Thursday. On Jan. 6, the Conway Police Department responded to a call on someone’s property who had made contact with a male stranger who drove onto their property and asked to use a cellphone. The resident said the stranger was nervous and looked around while he was talking on the phone and frequently put his hands in and out of his pockets.

The resident said they thought the stranger had a gun. After the stranger hung up the phone and left, the resident attempted to call the number on his cellphone but found that the line was disconnected.

Officers filed a report and requested extra patrols in the area for the next two weeks.

Former employee alleges harassment by ex-boss

A former employee of a local company has alleged that their ex-boss has been harassing them. On Jan. 6, a Conway police officer made contact with someone who alleged that their ex-boss had been calling and texting them repeatedly.

The former employee said they quit their job the previous day due to not receiving a raise. They said they returned all their equipment to their former employer, but the boss continued to attempt to make contact with them about the equipment.

The officer reached out to the boss who alleged similar actions by the employee. The boss said the employee had reached out multiple times regarding their paycheck and discussed involving police, alleging the employee was “only trying to cause trouble for him and his business.”

Theft of car part leads to police report

A theft of property report was filed at the Meadowlake Day School in Conway on Jan. 6. An officer spoke with the owner of the school who said that someone stole the catalytic converter on a work van in the parking lot sometime between Jan. 1 and Jan. 5.

The school owner said the theft occurred while the school was out for the holidays, according to the report, adding that there was no other damage to the van.

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